GLMC welcomes everybody to be part of our Sunday worship and participate in the life of the church. However, we also encourage commitment to a local church where we can formally recognize individuals as members our community. This is why we offer membership for anyone who wish to call GLMC their local church.


Understanding church membership


If you want to know more about the biblical and practical reasons behind membership and why it’s important, check out the resources to the right. 

If you would like to know more, Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman is a great resource that we would recommend about this topic .


WHat is the membership process?

1. Faith

We require all members to be professing Christians who have placed their trust in Christ as their lord and savior.

2. Classes

Every quarter, we offer membership classes that consist of five consecutive classes. All prospective members are required to attend these classes that consist of the following:

Class #1: Introduction (Sunday)
Class #2: Christianity 101
Class #3: GLMC Vision
Class #4: GLMC Theology
Class #5: GLMC Membership

The introduction class will be offered Sundays. Feel free to attend this class without signing up. Subsequent classes will require sign-ups on the link below.

3. Interview

Upon completing membership classes, the prospective member will meet with a pastor or elder to provide basic biographical information and recount God’s converting work in his or her life. The prospective member will then sign the church covenant and the application will go to the elders.

4. Affirmation

During our elder meetings, the pastor overseeing membership will describe the applicants desiring to be members and a vote will be taken to admit individuals into membership.

5. Commitment

Once a prospective member’s application has been affirmed, they will be notified about their membership status and be publicly sworn in before the church during our quarterly Membership Meetings


Membership class

If you wish to become a member of GLMC and want to sign up for membership classes, please fill out the form below