Married Couples

The Vision of Married Couples Ministry is to live out our discipleship from marriage to our families to the rest of the church. It exists to deepen our discipleship to Jesus Christ, help cultivate healthy marriages, help us to be in godly community with each other, and inspire us to be a blessing to the rest of the church. 

For more information, please contact Richard Kim.

Regional Groups (friday/once a month)


Young Adults

YAM will be a gospel-centered community of mature young adults who shepherd, sharpen, and share lives with one another as we make Jesus Christ famous in the different arenas God has placed us.  YAM is GLMC's singles and post-graduate ministry. We meet in Regional Groups with approximately 15-20 young adults, which are led by a young adult leader. Our purpose in meeting each week is to fellowship and study God's Word--encouraging and challenging one another to be missional disciples in the different arenas God places us.

For more information, please contact Nate Hung.



GLMC has a huge heart for collegians and desires to make disciples in the college campuses. Our college ministry meets every Friday in order to grow deeper in our knowledge of God & grow deeper as a community. We do this by worshiping together, listening to seminars & fellowshipping with one another as a community.

For more information, please contact Thomas Hwang.